Wheelchair Collectors

Many of our patients and visitors have mobility problems and may need to use a wheelchair.  Like supermarket trolleys, our wheelchairs end up located across all four corners of the site where they are inaccessible, so this volunteer is to collect and redistribute wheelchairs to fixed, accessible locations around the Trust.  This vital role supports our Volunteer Guides to undertake their role more effectively as wheelchairs are readily available when needed.  The role bears a very positive and important impact on the smooth delivery of our services.

Volunteer Marshals

Cars are sent by volunteers to phlebotomy bays allowing the phlebotomists to keep focused on patients.  Dressed for the weather, these volunteers are out in sun, wind and rain and clock-up thousands of steps each shifts.  Don’t worry, we provide weather for wet and cold weather.

This role would people who enjoy the outdoors and exercise.

Times:  Flexible, usually a 3-4 hour slot, between 09.00 – 16.00.

Uniform:  Red volunteer polo shirt with gilet or red fleece.


Together - Safe, kind, Excellent
Accessibility tools